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    Thursday, 17 February 2011

    I ended it with a bang!

    It’s the 15th night of the Chinese New Year celebration of 2011, better known as Chap Goh Meh (literally translated as 15th night). Traditionally celebrated by the Cantonese as a “Valentine’s day”. I’m not sure how it’s even logically possible but culturally (correct me if I’m wrong), the single ladies will throw mandarin oranges into the lake/ sea, and whichever (lucky or unlucky) men who pick their oranges, will end up together.

    I am Hokkien, so my CNY celebration had ended last Thursday on the 9th day, with Pai Tnee Kong (praying to the Heavenly Gods celebration).

    While I would love to join other Chinese on this night as an experience, I was neither upset nor affected when I had to be on call at the neonatal ward. Mind you, I have no intention of throwing oranges myself. I would rather peel and eat the oranges than to throw away a perfectly tasty fruit! But little did I know, I would have a “throwing” celebration of my own in the hospital.

    So if I didn’t throw oranges on the orange-tossing-night, what did I toss then?



    Lyn's HTC





         So I admit I’ve been planning to get rid of it. And I also admit that I’ve been planning on iPhone for awhile now. And it would seem as though I had deliberately done it to ease the “transition”.

         But let’s get some perspective here, people. Now not only do I have to fork up more money to fix it, getting an iPhone becomes more and more of a distant dream….

         Since I can’t legally do locum yet, MV suggested that I do more calls next month. I think I should set up a Help Lyn’s Foundation, open to public for contributions.

         What do you think?